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Pendant with a photo inside

Fashion trends regularly replace each other. This applies to both clothes or shoes, as well as various ladies' accessories. In the distant past, pendants with a photograph inside were popular, but today they are again in demand and relevant.

A bit of history

Habitual earrings, rings and pendants have been around for a very long time. They were part of the wardrobe of women of fashion of all classes. With the help of such accessories, ladies charmed men and emphasized their natural charm.

Each piece has its own history and biography. Photo pendants are no exception. They have also evolved over time. Today, no one remembers who first made such an interesting accessory, but it is known that the pendants of ancient peoples served as a prototype for it.


Such items were used to protect against evil spirits and failures in life. In the distant past, pagans put stones on their necks that have certain sacred meanings. As a rule, the amulet was placed on a strip of animal skin.
Times have changed each other. The external design of the pendants also changed. They took on more and more complex and non-trivial form. This interesting thing was used during the time of the pharaohs in Egypt. The story goes that Cleopatra herself awarded her associates with gemstone pendants engraved with her name or various images.

Then unusual products with a secret saw the light. The stones were sawed into two pieces and became like a shell with a hollow space inside. Poison was poured into the inside. As a rule, they hounded members of the royal family, kings or persons close to them.
A little later, such an invention was directed to a peaceful course. Hair or images of a loved one began to be placed in jewelry. At that time, the names of beloved ones often had to be hidden for certain reasons. Such pendants warmed the soul and helped the ladies cope with love experiences.

Especially such items were important for sailors. In the inner part, they placed photographs and locks of hair of their beloved wives and children. These little things were the only reminder of home during periods of long voyages across seas and oceans.
At the end of the Middle Ages, these opening accessories became decals. They played the role of awards for the bravest warriors and prominent court officials.
Few people know, but it was with this product that the world famous Faberge began his work. His first creations were in the form of pendants. But they were too heavy, so the famous jeweler had to give up this occupation and start making amazing eggs that have survived to this day.


The main feature of medallions is their functionality. They not only help to carry your favorite photos with you, but also decorate many female images. They can be presented as a gift to a loved one.

Such accessories are made from a variety of materials and in various designs.

The lineup

Modern women of fashion can choose absolutely any piece of jewelry for themselves.
Especially for them, completely different versions of such pendants are produced: from classic to unusual:
On a short and long chain;
Miniature, medium or large size;
Making by weaving;
Pendants are symbols that play the role of amulets or amulets.There are also options in which you can place up to eight photos. They have a more complex structure and design.
Heart-shaped jewelry is wildly popular. Such pendants are preferred by ladies in love who want to demonstrate warm feelings to their beloved. Such specimens are called lovebirds pendants.
Modern manufacturers produce original medallions in the form of various animals, flowers, plants, insects or geometric shapes. But the appearance of such accessories does not play the most important role, because they are designed to remind of a loved one or an important event.


Materials (edit)

Currently, there are many materials from which photo pendants are made. They can be made from simple and affordable materials such as:

Metal alloys;
Items made of precious metals such as silver, gold or platinum look especially impressive. They will not only allow you to keep your favorite photos near your heart, but also give the image a chic and shine.